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First RC cars, then RC planes, and now.. RC HELICOPTERS!! Another incredible DP Battle!
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5-Apr, 2021



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Sujal Raj
Sujal Raj 5 soat oldin
Extreme weather should be back
BK Ignacio600
BK Ignacio600 5 soat oldin
when i watched them first time they just have 2.2M subs :OO now 55M :OOOO
Elizabeth Del-Rio
Elizabeth Del-Rio 6 soat oldin
Volleyball stereotypes?
Harshvardhan varma
Harshvardhan varma 6 soat oldin
So cool
Harshvardhan varma
Harshvardhan varma 6 soat oldin
Benji davis
Benji davis 7 soat oldin
Finally Mr beast beat them in subs
Bloodmadness [GD]
Bloodmadness [GD] 7 soat oldin
Dude perfect never get old and they have been doing this for a long time
Mamta Gupta
Mamta Gupta 7 soat oldin
Hey that drone man could do that much better
TacaZ 2.0
TacaZ 2.0 8 soat oldin
A-dUb 8 soat oldin
*KNOCK KNOCK* “Who’s there?” “DOGE!” “DOGE WHO?!” “DOGE TO THE MOON!!”
khám phá Campuchia
Gage Seymour
Gage Seymour 8 soat oldin
Where’s Panda?
Nishant Saini
Nishant Saini 9 soat oldin
would you make a video with LEGO like lego trick shots
fox 94
fox 94 9 soat oldin
56M here we go
Milo Conrad
Milo Conrad 10 soat oldin
I got a great idea do a Upredictable Real Life Trick Shots
Ed Holt
Ed Holt 11 soat oldin
Love your game
Black Crow
Black Crow 11 soat oldin
I live in Ukraine
Black Crow
Black Crow 11 soat oldin
Please 🙏 me 5375418803777994
mac mac seyer
mac mac seyer 11 soat oldin
Agly triks
I'm noob
I'm noob 11 soat oldin
How can you do it?????
Iguana vs monke
Iguana vs monke 12 soat oldin
Yeet09 13 soat oldin
I have a full carbon fibre version of the RC helicopter that you used in challenge 1 the blade 120 s2
Karla May De Villa
Karla May De Villa 13 soat oldin
i love this video
Fathan Rizaldi
Fathan Rizaldi 14 soat oldin
Ramadhan Kareem Everyone!
Fathan Rizaldi
Fathan Rizaldi 14 soat oldin
Total on Mobile tech
Total on Mobile tech 14 soat oldin
Hi everyone
Cason Collins
Cason Collins 15 soat oldin
i don’t think we care about anything more than you finishing the ostrich egg dropping thing from OT
Andrew Clarke
Andrew Clarke 15 soat oldin
Hey guys can u pls do a church stereotypes
Zack St.Pierre
Zack St.Pierre 15 soat oldin
Runa Khan
Runa Khan 16 soat oldin
নুতনএকটি ভিডিও ছারেন
BarnII B
BarnII B 16 soat oldin
Here’s an idea why don’t you do trick shots with one of the oldest toys but most enjoyable ones. Bayblades?
John Denver Obado
John Denver Obado 17 soat oldin
plz do the coilz trick shot from Philippines
SOLO GAMING 18 soat oldin
Mr cody
Mr Isaac
Mr Isaac 18 soat oldin
I'm part of team tall guy, i have to be i'm 6'4
SHADOW_X 77 18 soat oldin
You should make archery steoryotypes
Gaming with Gavin
Gaming with Gavin 18 soat oldin
you almost lost subscribers
Bryan Carrillo
Bryan Carrillo 18 soat oldin
Hey dude perfect what’s up I loved those awesome trick shots and some awesome battles y’all made it was off the roof and I especially liked the nerf bow and arrow it’s cool
Cody Cook
Cody Cook 19 soat oldin
In the next OT y’all should do Top 10 Country Songs
Tim Atkinson Jr
Tim Atkinson Jr 19 soat oldin
When is the next DP video
Alvin Anja
Alvin Anja 19 soat oldin
Pleaseee guys subtitle Indonesia
Trevor Beckenhauer
Trevor Beckenhauer 19 soat oldin
I love these RC battle videos!
Mohammad Abdulmuqeet
Mohammad Abdulmuqeet 20 soat oldin
I love these channel
Asher Weaver
Asher Weaver 21 soat oldin
I think you should try and get Dragon City to sponsor and see if they can get you your own dragon. Maybe it could be like a 5 headed hydra dragon wearing merch.
Gilb Tube
Gilb Tube 22 soat oldin
Aditya Putra Sugiharto
i always watching man hope subscribers dude
Weird nation
Weird nation 23 soat oldin
you guys are supposed to uplode today
Andrei Peres
Andrei Peres 23 soat oldin
Я один русский?
Drew Bryant
Drew Bryant Kun oldin
Please respond
Drew Bryant
Drew Bryant Kun oldin
I have a UZblock channel and I want to get famous so can you mention me in one of your next UZblock videos p.s. my name is Kate I am a really big fan we watch dude perfect every Friday at school
Chase Miller
Chase Miller Kun oldin
I remember when my friend told me about y’all a long time ago
•__ Shadow __•
Thankfullpluto Kun oldin
Honestly it feels living in the same city as these legends
Sekano Komuro
Sekano Komuro Kun oldin
Braxton Thurber
Braxton Thurber Kun oldin
VIDEO IDEA: Airplane Stereotypes!!
Chris Mathias
Chris Mathias Kun oldin
Lest go tt
Daniel Fine
Daniel Fine Kun oldin
My man Cody!!! Yessir! Sheeeesh!!!
VenomDaBeast Kun oldin
Tall guy Beard Twins PURPLE LOSER
Emma Lucas
Emma Lucas Kun oldin
I’m a tall guy fan so you have at least one 😆
Hi I am from india
ACE Productions
ACE Productions Kun oldin
YES! More RC-type battles!
Seth Galloway
Seth Galloway Kun oldin
you should make a new drone racing battle
adil musabelliu
adil musabelliu Kun oldin
A you
David Neri
David Neri Kun oldin
i wish i have a rc helicopter thats my dream Pilipino fans here!
renesiang Kun oldin
Nnjnj Best
Nnjnj Best Kun oldin
start making a lot of videos
Jessica Haigh
Jessica Haigh Kun oldin
Team tall guy all day
shikhapravin Kun oldin
Can I get your number
Nian Nolan
Nian Nolan Kun oldin
Ideas: gimme some baseball stereotypes, some baseball with weird bat (like a 4x4 plank or a hockey stick) battles, some more RC cars, frisbee trick shots, and some challenges that test your guy's physical fitness! Also prank cams or something would be cool as a mini segment. Something to do with the editors? I remember that one vid you duys did pranking people who were coming to the office by putting in a fake bathroom and using a toy snake and stuff. Last, but not least, tall man squad for life and purple is my favorite color. It's 2:30AM and I need sleep
Khan Hub
Khan Hub Kun oldin
Dude perfecta can you do a trick shot or a battle video with mr beast
Quang Lê minh
Quang Lê minh Kun oldin
Maha Elluri
Maha Elluri Kun oldin
Rio Abi
Rio Abi Kun oldin
Nice omm
Jayanti Nath
Jayanti Nath Kun oldin
Anyone thinks that dude perfect is truly amazing and legendary please like
Mr Spy
Mr Spy Kun oldin
Dude Perfect should do Birthday Stereotypes!!!
JakePlaysGames Kun oldin
Dude.....That’s Perfect!
Akbar Baig
Akbar Baig Kun oldin
cory = new coby
Ian Schrock
Ian Schrock Kun oldin
You guys seriously need to do a video with Mark Rober
Charming nowhere to hide
dude perfect always share their emotions with us, thanks guys
Blues Kun oldin
When your high school is in the background of a Dude Perfect video
shark OW
shark OW Kun oldin
This is my favorite UZblockr ever!
Cot aroboy
Cot aroboy Kun oldin
Orang indo absen
Anirudh Mittal
Anirudh Mittal Kun oldin
2140p CRAZY Dude!!!
Ibrahim Qureshi
Ibrahim Qureshi Kun oldin
Please Do Build A Boat 2.
Luke Kun oldin
We all dread the day they title their video: LAST TRICK SHOT😔😔
Rajat Seal
Rajat Seal Kun oldin
The last crash 😂
lipe Kun oldin
That's cool
Terridew Kun oldin
5:44 feel great about almost head shotted a person
Uditha Jeewake Fernando
Cody l have a question who is inside of the pand's kit
SavageCabbage Gaming
These guys make Rube Goldberg for a living🤣
hold on laughter
Kautsar Dzubika
Kautsar Dzubika Kun oldin
Next bucket list : NASA SPACE CENTER ISS
Chief Chesty
Chief Chesty Kun oldin
DUDE PERFECT!! That would be awesome if you guys could come to Minnesota!! I want to meet you guys sooo bad! It’s awesome that you guys are Christians!! ❤️
Suzanne Lee
Suzanne Lee Kun oldin
DP, I just have to know. What is the name of the song? The title was not displayed like it usually does.
Chad Bell
Chad Bell Kun oldin
New as a new channel
Chad Bell
Chad Bell Kun oldin
Dude perfect I’m new and I want to be like you can u pin this comment
Florence Joyce
Florence Joyce Kun oldin
Monday was the worst day for me but now it is the best day ever for new dp videos!!!!
Grace Lauder
Grace Lauder Kun oldin
they should make a spin off called dudette perfect
Daniel Laboy The First
Subsceibe To: Daniel Laboy The First and Oakley Rutkowski
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd Kun oldin
You should do something like twin vs twin battle
Millie Soye
Millie Soye Kun oldin
Diamond Simon
Diamond Simon Kun oldin
I think I speak for everyone when I say, that we need MORE DP *TOYS!*
Tristan Shaw
Tristan Shaw Kun oldin
I was thinking y’all could play ultimate frisbee on ripsticks
Flying RC Car
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